The All New Effective PRP Treatment Process

Androgenetic alopecia is a medical condition that has been a bigger concern among people results in hair loss thus making people bald. Now, at this highly fashion conscious world, no one wants to feel dejected of hairless. There are various methods to treat this symptom but the best method is PRP injection. ‘ We offer PRP injection to our clients and patients who want to get rid of the condition and reclaim their personality and youthfulness.

The process:

  • First step includes drawing blood from your veins
  • Then the collected blood sample is placed in the centrifuge. The centrifuge will spin the blood sample and in the process separate the distinct elements
  • Then the platelets are extracted using syringes
  • Finally, the platelets are injected into targeted areas of the scalp.
It is a simple process that might take a few hours and you can return the normal life and carry out your day to day activities without any issues.

How we approach:

We understand the whole process and we understand the effects and side effects. It is a fact that each method has its pros and cons and ignoring cons would be utterly unintelligent. People who are heavy smokers, alcoholics, or having a bad history of drug abuse might not be eligible for the treatment; hence, we first asses the patient’s medical condition to find out the eligibility. People suffering from cancer and other ailments might not also be eligible. We carry out the treatment after defining the patients eligible for this treatment. At this point in time, we also make sure that we give the right information and knowledge about the treatment to our clients so that they know what they are going through.

Effects and side effects

The first thing that you need to understand the fact is that t isn’t a cure; you might need to go through regular treatment just like medicines. The side effects are less likely since your own blood is used. However, at times, you might experience mild side effects such as scalp tenderness, mild pain, and headaches.

Why should you choose us?

We have bets and the qualified PRP professionals who are well aware of the process. They have immense knowledge and experience. That means you will; get be the treatment that is safe and right kind of guidance to maintain your treatment efficacy.

If you think that you must go through PRP, then consult us and find out whether you are eligible or not and we would love to give you the treatment for a better personality.