Steps For FUE Procedure

FUE Transplantation Is One Step Closer to Long Term Hair loss Problem
If you are choosing FUE, then you are on the verge of finding the permanent cure for hair loss and reclaim your youth fullness to revive your personality.
However, before you make an investment, you should know the preparation and procedures to make sense out of your investment and gain better results.


The first thing is that it demands careful investigation of your scalp and our physicians will investigate the scalp and give you the right knowledge and suggestions to keep your scalp in certain conditions using certain methods and products prior to the FUE treatment.

At this point, we look at various aspects such gender, age, pattern of hair loss and other vital information regarding hair loose and history of their medal conditions and treatments that they have gone through if any to plan better and effective treatment.

The process

  • The professionals will shave off the hair on the back of your head and scalp
  • Individual follicles will be taken and the points are marked
  • Then there will be small holes made through micro-incision and the hairs will be grafted
  • The graft site is then secured

Post hair transplant maintenance:

We offer post-operative maintenance tips. The good thing is that modern micro-incision surgery does not leave any notable marks or stitches that are painful. However, you need to take care of the graft site to make the treatment more effective and avoid damages.

Our professionals will educate you in maintenance of the post-operative treatment. You might be deterred from washing, shampooing r conditioning your hair for a few days. This is the time when the transplanted follicles take the stronghold and grow. Certainly, you do not want to hinder the growth or interfere with the growth at the initial stage.

You might experience sensitiveness in the scalp and mild swelling initially, which is normal. You need to stay away from the bathtub, swimming pools because if you come to contact dirty and polluted waters you have to be careful until the healing window. People with skin allergies might experience enhanced skin sensitivity and redness. This is the time; you should inform doctors if things don’t look good.

We also give you permanent maintenance tips. Our approach is defined as the complete solution d we follow up our patients until they find it comfortable to deal with the hair on their own.

We are the best place that you can choose for FUE transplantation. And we assure you that you are in the right place for the job