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The Centre of Urethra and Penile Surgery Is Bringing A dynamic Change In People’s Lives

Erectile dysfunction, impotency, and their sexual problems are not only a threat to your physiological well being but also affect your emotional and psychological health.
If you are suffering from the male urethra and external genitalia issues, then you should get treated here at our clinic. The center of Urethra and Penile Surgery is bringing radical changes in the medical field through advanced medicinal and treatment methodology.

Why should you go for surgery?

It is a fact that ED and to other diseases like Urethral Stricture & Trauma, Hypospadias hurt your sexuality. A lot of people resort to various medications. And more often than not, they find themselves in a situation where they fight with the side-effects of those pills.

However, if you undergo surgery, then you are eliminating the disease from the root and that would mean that you are not going to face any side effects or related diseases.

We offer complete treatments options;

Male Infertility is a big issue because it deters your partner from having that fulfillment of being a mother. If you have this medical condition, then you can undergo our surgery and enjoy the parenthood.

From Penile Augmentation Surgery to Hypospadias and Incontinence Treatment, we offer treatment for all kinds of symptoms and conditions. That means you are going to find a complete solution for all your male genital issues.

Experts are on the job;

Here at the center of Urethra and Penile Surgery, you will find only experienced surgeons who are highly qualified are on the job to treat the medical conditions. At the same time, we make sure that we update our understanding of medical technology and advancement. That means we use the latest devices and surgical devices for the surgery.

Consulting is yet another important factor that sets us apart from other clinics because we give maximum attention to each patient. We try to understand the medical history of the patients through the right investigation and only then we give the treatment plan.

People suffering from ED and male infertility should never look beyond us because we are an effective clinic that a lot of clients trust. Consult us today to find out how we can help you in dealing with ED and other male genital medical conditions that affects your life badly.

You can lead a satisfying and a life of complete fulfillment. All you need to do us get the treatment and start living beautifully.


The male urethra is a tubular structure about 18 cm in length, and it may present an occlusion or reduction of his caliber that is called urethral stricture. Male urethral stricture may be due to congenital abnormality or acquired diseases. Urethral stricture disease is as old as mankind. In the old times urethral strictures were mainly associated with longstanding infectious disease (gonococcal urethritis) or trauma. Read more

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of the penis characterized by scarring or nodule on penile shaft leading to penile pain, penile curvature and erectile dysfunction. This is an acquired condition. Men who develop this disorder notice a bent penis during erection or pain during erections. Read more

Phalloplasty surgery is cosmetic solution for a patient who is not satisfied with his natural size of penis. The corona, or hear of the penis is left untouched during this procedure. Most of the surgical changes are cosmetic, and do not affect the biological mechanisms, functions or sensation of the penis. Thus, the ability to attain and maintain an erection remains unaffected.Read more

Dramatic advances in the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility allows conception for couples previously considered untreatable. Advances in the sperm retrieval techniques as well as refinements in the microsurgical management of obstructive azoospermia and varicocele have made pregnancies possible that were unimaginable only a decade ago.Read more

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is another name for impotence. ED is the persistent inability to maintain an erection that is firm enough or last long enough to have sexual intercourse. This common problem is often caused by physical conditions, trauma, surgical interventions, diabetes, hormonal abnormalities and cardiovascular diseases.Read more

Hypospadias refers to a birth defect of the urethra in the male where the urinary opening is not at the correct location on the head of the penis. It is the second most common birth abnormality in boys, affecting approximately 1 of every 250. In approximately 90% of cases, the opening (meatus) is on or near the head of the penis (glans), referred to as distal hypospadias, while the remainder have proximal hypospadias with a meatus near or within the scrotum. Shiny tissue seen extending from the meatus to the tip of the glans, which should have made the urinary channel, is referred to as the urethral plate.Read more

The male urethra is a tubular structure about 18 cm in length, and it may present an occlusion Read more